Banner Finance Users

Banner Finance Users

The Banner Finance Users community exists to bring together employees who use Banner Finance directly or indirectly (by participating in finance processes that affect Banner Finance). Our goal is to build community among these users across campus by:

  • promoting psychological safety
  • continuous process improvement
  • sharing training resources,
  • building awareness of tools and resources available
  • acting as a sounding board for needs among the Banner Finance users.

Topics of discussion/engagement will include:

  • Banner Finance Tips and Tricks
  • Excel Tips and Tricks
  • Financial Reporting Tools (Argos, Axiom, ePrint, Crystal Reports, SQL Queries, Banner Self-Service, etc)
  • Finance Processes (Department Payment Forms, Online IDT/JV Forms, FUPLOADs, Budgeting, etc)
  • Reporting and Process Automation
  • CPE opportunities
  • Finance Q&A forums

This community is brand-new and we would love to have your input into our goals and conversations.

How to join & membership requirements

Join our ‘Banner Finance Users’ Microsoft Teams Group, or by contacting Cara Greene at This group is open to any UA employee who participates in any of the University’s Finance, Accounting & Budgeting processes.


  • This community meets monthly.